Brians Testimonial
I first heard of the spray that covers bald patches on a visit to The Hair Loss Clinic. It was sprayed all over the top of my head where I was going bald and as you can see from the photo it was amazing! All the people that I knew and came in contact with could not believe how my hair looked. I now use it at least once a week and could not go without it. People that don't know me do not even realise that I am going bald. My friends that are going bald have even started asking me where they can get hold of the product. I have now got my confidence back and am not so embarrassed about people who used to comment on how bald I was getting. Brian Du Toit - Pretoria

The Virtual hair product has afforded me the opportunity to confidently face the “world”. As a woman, coping with hair loss is stressful, and its effect on one’s self confidence and self-image is harrowing! Virtual Hair is an easy and effective product to use and people cannot see that I have a product on my hair, as it blends so well and looks so natural. I have come to rely on this product to help me cope every day with the reality of hair loss. Ms. M L – Durban

Reece Testimonial
Hair loss for a man or woman can be soul-destroying. My hair was thinning to the extreme that the scalp was showing! I was given Virtual Hair to try while my hair was growing back. It was amazing! My hair appeared fuller in less than 30 seconds with no bald patches! I felt more confident right away and found it easy to apply. I would recommend Virtual Hair to all who suffer from hair loss. Ms. L R – Port Elizabeth

While I was waiting for my hair to thicken with medical treatment, I used Virtual Hair Spray. What a fantastic product! Just a spray on one’s bald patch and one has hair! I had hair and it is so easy to use and one can match one’s own hair by combining the different spray colours. Is that not great!? It's like having my own thick hair back! Ms. R C - Johannesburg
I have been using Virtual Hair for the past 9 months. Since my first can I knew that Virtual hair spray was going to change my life. I was going to use all the products available for hair growth, but since I knew hair growth wasn’t going to happen overnight, I could see the practical potential for Virtual Hair spray. From my first application the result was mind blowing!!!!!!! I had an instant head full of hair! No bald patches were visible at all. It boosted my self-confidence and I felt a lot younger. I felt GREAT!! Mr P - Benoni