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The Virtual Hair spray consists of a silica powder that behaves like micro fibres. When it is sprayed onto thin hair, the micro fibres attach and layer themselves on top of each of your own hairs making each hair appear many times thicker than it actually is. Even up close, it looks like real hair!

Virtual Hair doesn’t run with perspiration, nor in the rain. It only comes off with rubbing or with warm water and shampoo. If you sleep with it at night and rub your head on the pillow, some of the powder will come off on the pillow but your hair should still look great. Virtual Hair stays on your hair until it is washed off in a proper warm water and shampoo wash.

Some people spray a normal hairspray on top of Virtual Hair to seal it in place and give it a more glossy look, but this is only essential to do for night-time flash photograpy. In all other circumstances, it can be worn on its own.

Look at the videos on this website to see how it is applied. If you have no-one to apply for you, no problem… Stand with your back to a large mirror and use a sweat band to cover your forehead. Then use a hand-held mirror in your one hand and spray Virtual Hair with your other hand after giving the can a good shake. After allowing the Virtual Hair about 5 minutes to dry, brush and style your hair as normal.

Also, look at the amazing “ before and after photos” which are taken literally 5 minutes apart!

There are about 60 applications in each can.


Select the colour
Shampoo hair
Dry hair well (use hair dryer)
Cover clothing with a cloth or towel before application.
Brush or comb hair before applying VIRTUAL HAIR.
Spray onto scalp and thinning areas at about 10cm.
Spread hair apart if necessary and spray base of hair and scalp.
Seal VIRTUAL HAIR with a final spray of any normal hair spray if desired.
Let hair dry completely before combing or brushing.
Lean head to one side and groom with wide-toothed comb or brush.
Simply shampoo hair for removal of VIRTUAL HAIR.


Colours and thickens hair to help cover bald spots. VIRTUAL HAIR can be used for men and women with the following conditions:
Small to medium bald spots.
Fine or thinning hair.
To cover greying regrowth.
Hair transplants (consult your physician before use).
Alopecia areata sufferers
To make hair look thicker instantly.


Propellant: Hydrocarbon
Contents: Butane, Propane, SD Alcohol 40, Iron Oxides, Talc, Fumed Silica.